We’re increasing focus on AI for more personal customer communication

Even more personalised customer communications with AI

As VP Product of Wiraya, I am incredibly proud that we have been awarded €2 million in innovation grants by the European Commission. With this grant, we can speed up our commitment to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and create even more personalised customer communications.

It’s a lot of buzz around AI nowadays and it’s growing fast within marketing.

With all the data companies have about their customers’ purchases and behaviors, we as consumers expect to get relevant and personal communication and service. We are tired of being bombarded with messages through multiple channels and at times that suit the supplier rather than us as individuals. AI is widely used in many areas, but within pro-active communication, it’s still immature. Properly used, it will have a huge potential to create digital, proactive customer dialogues, tailored to each person, in a way that hasn’t been possible before.

Wiraya’s investment in AI started several years ago. The data from all millions of customer interactions done with Wiraya has enabled us to create messages that actually work, and get the recipient to act. Now, with the help of machine learning, the software will be able to handle so many more parameters that it will optimise each individual message to each and everyone, in real-time.

We have always tried to challenge ourselves by identifying and solving important industry-specific business problems. And with this grant, we will now further develop AI, specifically for mobile operators in Europe. For the telecom sector, the AI functionality will solve resource-intensive and complex customer communication flows with highly effective, automated personal dialogues.

It will improve customer value for the subscribers, and thereby customer loyalty.

So, what’s the benefit for the European consumers?

We believe that mobile operators should spend more on their existing customers and their experience, instead of constantly exchanging subscribers among operators. An enormous amount of money is spent on recruiting new subscribers. What if that money could be spent on their existing customers?

Our initial tests in other industries have already shown a higher conversion rate with the use of Wiraya, ie, customers are acting to a greater extent, compared with other, more traditional ways of communicating. So it’s evident that better customer experience creates more satisfied and loyal customers.

And that’s our mission. To create personal and improved customer experiences. You could say we’re a bit customer obsessed!

If you want to learn more about our development in AI for mobile operators, read the press release. Or get in touch with me. I’ll be happy to tell you more.

Tom Stenius

Chief Product Officer