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The Insurance industry has seen a dramatic shift towards new ways of receiving payments from customers as well as the ways brands empower buyers and maintain trust and loyalty. 

Payment reminders and paper invoices are significant moments in the customer journey that drastically affect the relationship your customer has with your brand.

However, we’re seeing a shift towards more proactivity, offering services that can turn your brand from being reactive to proactive with the right customer communication. Critical moments such as insurance reviews and the insurance renewal process are vital, because without the proper communication, you risk losing your customer.

Changes have to be made proactively, or else you risk moving further away from retaining your customer. 

Communication overview

Wiraya can help you with...

The challenges we solve

Wiraya solves business critical communication challenges in the insurance industry and at key moments in the customer lifecycle.

The result? 4x times higher conversion leading to increased CLV and improved customer experience.

Welcome calls

Welcome new customers from the start

Info collection

Collect data from customers

Digital Payment

Convert customers from paper to e-invoice

Payment Reminders

Create a smooth payment experience

App Download

Increase the number of app downloads

Renew Contract

Proactively & reactively engage with customers to renew contracts

"We feel that Wiraya has exceeded our expectations and the response from our customers has been very positive! Our goal was to drive more traffic to our customer service as our customers felt that they wanted to hear from us more, so we had high hopes to automate the contact process, and are very happy with the results!"


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