Information Regarding Wiraya's Processing of Personal Data


Does Wiraya have a Data Processing Agreement (DPA)?

Yes. A DPA is a standard part of our agreement with our customers. The DPA covers all aspects of GDPR requirements.

Does Wiraya have a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

Yes, we do. To reach the DPO please send an email to

Where is the data stored?

All the Wiraya production infrastructure is hosted in Frankfurt, Germany and is not sent to any other country.

Is the data transferred outside of the EU?


By using services by Wiraya am I affected by the Schrems II verdict?

No, Wiraya is not transferring any customer data to a third country, all data is stored in the EU.

Is there a procedure to remove PII data?

Yes, all PII data is per default automatically removed after 120 days. This is the default retention period, but it can be adjusted based on your needs.

What kind of PII data is necessary for Wiraya?

We always strive to handle as little PII data as possible, in most cases we only need the phone number of the customer we are communicating with, no other data is required.

Does Wiraya use sub-processors?

Yes, Wiraya uses sub-processors to deliver our services. We have DPAs in place with all sub-processors that are as strict as our own DPA. The sub-processors include areas such as hosting, sending of SMS, connecting phone calls, and data enrichment. A complete list of sub-processors is available upon request.

Is Wiraya the Data Controller or the Data Processor?

Wiraya will for the performance of the services process Personal Data on behalf of the Client as a Data Processor.

Does Wiraya come with a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Yes, of course. We monitor the performance of our service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our SLA is at the highest of standards. The SLA is a part of the standard Wiraya agreement.