Who we are

We handle everything, while the customer thanks you for a great customer experience

Our mission

To drive meaningful engagement that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional communication and transforms into concrete outcomes.


Our journey

Our journey all started in 2008 with a vision and focus on creating a smart software that improves the customer experience and increases conversion for brands. With years of data, we are now proud to call ourselves experts in creating the right message for your brand, the right tonality, and at the right time. Today, we’ve surpassed over 100 000 million interactions!

Internally, our mission is to have a diverse team and we strive to have a positive impact on our employees and our customers. Fast forward to the present, and we now have colleagues in Stockholm and Malta, and are working across various industries ranging from utilities to iGaming!

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Meet the team

Sales & Marketing

At Wiraya, our dynamic sales and marketing teams collaborate to drive business growth. Our dedicated sales professionals engage with clients, building relationships and ensuring their needs are met. Simultaneously, our marketing team crafts compelling campaigns, leveraging diverse channels to reach our audience.

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Johanna Öman Engblom


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Frederick Duodu


Meet the team

Customer Success Management

The Wiraya Customer Success Management Team is our most dedicated group committed to ensuring client satisfaction. They excel in understanding unique client needs, offering tailored solutions, and providing continuous support. By anticipating client requirements, staying updated on industry trends, and analyzing campaign effectiveness, they serve as strategic partners, helping clients optimize customer engagement and drive business growth.

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Head of CSM & onboarding
Therese Alviander


Chief Executive Officer

Malin Wahlberg is the Chief Executive Officer of Wiraya. Her prior experience links her to the utility industry, where she used Wiraya’s products to achieve great results. Her background has been working with communications, brand, and customer experience in various roles, implementing company-wide transformation, and has spent the last ten years in leadership roles.

“I am so excited about being part of Wiraya and the journey we are on. We have a fantastic product and team, and I am confident we are delivering excellent value to our clients as well as to the consumers receiving our communications”.


Chief Financial Officer

Emma Maesel is the Chief Financial Officer at Wiraya. Initially joining the team at Wiraya as a Controller, her hard work and endless determination landed her a well-deserved position as Chief Financial Officer for Wiraya. For Emma, it’s all about the numbers, making sure Wiraya is performing well and has efficient processes in order.

“I am so proud to be part of Wiraya and to be able to contribute to the sustainable growth journey we are on.”


Chief Technical Officer

Stefan Ståhl is the Chief Technology Officer at Wiraya. His extensive experience over the years working at Wiraya in various roles such as CTO, Head of IT Operations, and Software Engineer has made Stefan a key player at Wiraya. Stefan is mainly overlooking the technical aspect of Wiraya’s platform and making sure it is functioning well.

“What I like most about Wiraya is how we combine our technology with our content expertise to deliver improved business results and ensure excellent customer experience.”