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Our journey

Our journey all started in 2008 with a vision and focus on creating a smart software that improves the customer experience and increases conversion for brands. With years of data, we are now proud to call ourselves experts in creating the right message for your brand, the right tonality, and at the right time. Today, we’ve surpassed over 100 000 million interactions!

Internally, our mission is to have a diverse team and we strive to have a positive impact on our employees and our customers. Fast forward to the present, and we now have colleagues in Stockholm and Malta, and are working across various industries ranging from utilities to iGaming!

Meet our Executive Management Team!


Malin Wahlberg
Chief Executive Officer
Malin Wahlberg is the Chief Executive Officer of Wiraya. Her prior experience links her to the utility industry, where she used Wiraya’s products to achieve great results. Her background has been working with communications, brand and customer experience in various roles, implementing company wide transformation and has spent the last ten years in leadership roles. Besides Wiraya and her family, Malin loves biking and spends her weekends in the woods of Nacka.

“I am so excited about being part of Wiraya and the journey we are on. We have a fantastic product and team, and I am confident we are delivering excellent value to our clients as well as to the consumers receiving our communications”.
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Stefan Ståhl
Chief Technology Officer
Stefan Ståhl is the Chief Technology Officer at Wiraya. His extensive experience over the years working at Wiraya in various roles such as CTO, Head of IT Operations and Software Engineer has made Stefan a key player at Wiraya. Stefan is mainly overlooking the technical aspect of Wiraya’s platform and making sure it is functioning well. When Stefan is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and renovating his house.

“What I like most about Wiraya is how we combine our technology with our content expertise to deliver improved business results and ensure excellent customer experience.”

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Emma Maesel
Chief Financial Officer
Emma Maesel is the Chief Financial Officer at Wiraya. Initially joining the team at Wiraya as a Controller, her hard work and endless determination landed her a well deserved position as Chief Financial Officer for Wiraya. For Emma, it’s all about the numbers, making sure Wiraya is performing well and has efficient processes in order. When Emma is not working, most of her time is spent with her young daughter.

“I am so proud to be part of Wiraya and to be able to contribute to the sustainable growth journey we are on.”

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Frederick Duodu
Head of Sales
Frederick Duodu is Head of Sales at Wiraya. His diverse resume working in sales has given him the extensive skills to grow and develop the sales team at Wiraya. Having worked in sales and business development for regions ranging from EMEA, to North America and U.K, he has been able to bring to Wiraya the dynamic business growth that is needed in order for Wiraya to strategically grow in additional markets. Frederick enjoys writing and composing music when he's not working at Wiraya.

"Wiraya's work culture allows me the flexibility and freedom to be myself."

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Therese Alviander
Head of Customer Success & Onboarding
Therese Alviander is Head of Customer Success & Onboarding at Wiraya. Her impressive experience working with CX and Customer Success goes back years, ranging in industries such as event management, business consultancy and eventually leading her to join Wiraya as a Customer Success Manager. Her pivotal role at Wiraya has led to a strategic plan to ensure Wiraya customers are given the above-average customer experience. During her free time, Therese is an avid yoga-enthusiast and enjoys hiking in nature.

“What I enjoy about working with Wiraya is the great team that we have, the atmosphere and close collaboration, not only within the team but also with our customers. It’s important to me that we have happy customers and to work with a product that delivers great value for them!”
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Jonas Barsing
Head of Product
Jonas Barsing is Head of Product at Wiraya, specialising in Product Management. His responsibilities include Product Strategy to maximise product value for customers and managing the product development team. His extensive experience has helped improve the Wiraya product with new features, offerings, and strategies to meet the needs of our customers. Jonas has a private pilot licence (PPL) and in his free time, he enjoys flying across different cities in Sweden.

"It's great to be part of such a high-performing team generating improved value for our customers."

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Mei-Ling Tseng Zee
Financial Manager
Mei-Ling is currently the Financial Manager for Wiraya. Her long tenure and commitment working at Wiraya for almost a decade has accelerated many chains of success at the company, not only the ability to develop a well founded financial strategy, but also establish a solid forecast budget and internal control within the team. In her free time, Mei-Ling enjoys photography and spending quality time cooking.

“I enjoy the trust and possibility to grow in my profession at Wiraya. The colleagues and the atmosphere in the office where everyone cares about each other is also the reason why my days at Wiraya are full of joy.”
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