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Reduce churn and boast customer loyalty

Generally, when speaking about any type of subscription-based business, the major issue is churn, and customers have low incentives to remain loyal.

However, in the telecom industry, in particular, it is most common the price, data amount, support and loyalty passiveness that explains why a consumer chooses one operator over another.

Something needs to be done and your revenue is going down the drain.

Communication overview

Wiraya can help you with

Some of the challenges we solve

Wiraya solves business-critical communication challenges in the telecom industry and at key moments in the customer lifecycle. To the right, you find some of them.

The result? 4x times higher conversion leading to increased CLV and improved customer experience.


Keep customers from defecting. Offer new price plans and data plans.


Compensate, retain or regain.


First impressions stick. Inform and help customers get started.


Activate Services & App Download

Increase app downloads, offer support and engage with customers.

Digital Payment

Digital top-ups, from pre to postpaid, at the convenience of your customers.


Make life easier for your customers. Convert to e-invoice, collect consent.

"Through Wiraya Consent we reached over 96.7% of our customers with the info about GDPR and collected valid consent from 39.95% of our customers. I am really impressed with the method and can recommend it to every company that aims to be GDPR Compliant. "

How can the telecom industry tackle the biggest mistake in churn management?

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Focused on Innovation

Wiraya has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program to help European mobile telecom operators tackle low customer satisfaction and loyalty, by using artificial intelligence. Click here for more information.





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