Top Management Involvement – The Key to Unlocking Martech Success

In the world of Martech, success goes beyond just having the right tools and strategies; it requires active involvement from top management. The European Martech Report 2023 brings up how top management engagement can impact the effectiveness of Martech implementation.


  1. The Impact of Top Management on Martech Competence


The report reveals that companies with high levels of top management involvement rate themselves higher in terms of Martech competence. When top management takes an active interest in Martech, they are more likely to ensure the organization adheres to the Martech strategy and monitors customer experience KPIs regularly. This alignment drives the entire organization towards a customer-centric approach.


Top management’s commitment and understanding of Martech’s importance are crucial in setting the tone for the entire organization. Their support provides the necessary resources, encourages experimentation, and fosters a culture of innovation. Furthermore, top management can act as advocates for Martech initiatives and secure buy-in from other stakeholders.




  1. The Discrepancy in Self-Rating: Top Management vs. Entry-Level Specialists


Interestingly, the report highlights a discrepancy between top management’s perception of their Martech competence and that of entry-level specialists. While top management may believe they are highly competent in Martech, entry-level specialists may not fully agree. This raises questions about the need for top management to address potential knowledge gaps and update their understanding of Martech trends and best practices.


Communication and collaboration between top management and front-line employees are crucial in bridging this gap. Regular feedback sessions, workshops, and knowledge-sharing initiatives can help align everyone’s understanding and ensure that Martech initiatives are well-executed at all levels of the organization.


  1. Willingness to Invest: The Impact of Top Management


Companies with top management possessing sufficient Martech competence and involvement are more likely to increase their Martech budgets. This financial support is crucial for driving innovation and attracting relevant competence to the organization. It also allows the company to experiment with new technologies like AI, which impacts their ability to attract skilled professionals.


Top management’s ability to secure budgets for Martech initiatives demonstrates their commitment to the organization’s long-term growth and customer experience strategy. Investing in Martech is not just about implementing the latest tools; it’s about investing in the organization’s future success and competitive advantage.


“Investing in Martech is not just about implementing the latest tools; it’s about investing in the organization’s future success and competitive advantage.”


  1. Shaping the Brand Image: Attracting Skilled Professionals


Companies that embrace Martech with strong top management support can shape a forward-thinking brand image. This positive perception helps attract highly skilled professionals who want to be part of an organization that values innovation and technology.


Job seekers today are increasingly looking for employers who prioritize digital transformation and invest in cutting-edge technologies. By showcasing their Martech initiatives and top management involvement, companies can position themselves as industry leaders and attract top talent.




In conclusion, the European Martech Report 2023 emphasizes that top management involvement is a major key to unlocking Martech success. It not only impacts Martech competence and budgets but also enhances the company’s attractiveness as an employer, making it easier to recruit and retain top talent. 


Johanna Öman Engblom