How many emails do you receive every day?

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What we do

We understand that reaching and activating your customers can be a challenge. That’s why we at Wiraya use the power of voice to cut through the noise and go beyond traditional email and SMS in order to inspire action from your customers. The outcome? Higher conversion rates, improved business results, and more satisfied customers.

What is our catch?

What sets us apart is our remarkable reach rate, enabling you to reach over 95% of your customers. In combination with our in-house expertise, we manage to, not only reach but also encourage your customers to take action. Whether it concerns an unpaid invoice, renewal of a service, or onboarding new customers.


Who is this for?

This applies to any business wanting to improve their customer retention, and business performance as well as deliver excellent customer experiences. Use Wiraya when you want your customers to start, stop, change, or do something.

Do you prefer to watch a video instead?

Here our CEO explains what we do in a shorter summary.

Wiraya solution

Some of the challenges we solve

Wiraya solves business critical communication challenges at key moments in the customer lifecycle. Here are some of the challenges we solve.

Welcome calls

Welcome new customers from the start

Info collection

Collect data from customers

Digital Payment

Convert customers from paper to e-invoice

Payment Reminders

Create a smooth payment experience

App Download

Increase the number of app downloads

Renew Contract

Proactively & reactively engage with customers to renew contracts

"We are very happy with our welcome call strategy and the KPIs look great. With 88% of customers listening to the majority of the call and 22% of customers taking action, it shows that this is an important moment for the customer. With this communication, we have set ourselves up for establishing a strong foundation with our customers."

Per Kristensen Senior Marketing Strategist & PO Small Enterprises segment


This and more at your fingertips

Wiraya comes packed with the features needed to create automated behavior-changing communication that is tailored to give maximum output in key business challenges.

Data, Insights & Optimizations

Uses data and insights in combination with Machine Learning to optimise the communication for the best possible result.

Interactivity & Personalisation

Wiraya listens to customer feedback in real-time, adjusting messages to suit each persons preferences on the fly.

Dashboard & Reports

Quickly understand the results that Wiraya generates. Feedback to your CRM to get a full 360-degrees view of your customers.

Support & SLA

Industry-leading support in combination with enterprise-grade SLA, you can feel at ease knowing that we’ve got your back 24/7/365.

Multichannel communication

A mix of multiple channels; voice, text & landing pages guarantees a broad reach and simplifies immediate action.

Voice & Text

A unique combination of automated voice and text to make communication more humanlike and maximize the conversions.

Some of the industries we help

Wiraya solves business critical communication challenges in multiple industries and at key moments in the customer lifecycle. To the right, you find some of them.

The result? 4x times higher conversion leading to increased customer lifetime value, reduced churn and improved customer experience. And probably the best of all, it’s so convenient your customers will love you for it.

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