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The utilities industry has a complex ecosystem that makes it difficult to deliver relevant communication throughout the customer journey.

But let’s be frank, your customers don’t care. They are used to smooth customer interactions in other industries, and they expect you to deliver the same in utilities.

Something needs to be done as your revenue is going down the drain.

Communication overview

Wiraya can help you with...

Some of the challenges we solve

Wiraya solves business-critical communication challenges in the utility industry and at key moments in the customer lifecycle. To the right, you find some of them.

The result? 4x times higher conversion leading to increased CLV and improved customer experience.

Digital Payment

Boosting loyalty with smoother payments experience and an environmentally-friendly approach.


Quickly transfer customers to a mobile application. Boost digitalisation and connectivity.

Cross Sell

Cross sell when your customers want. Increase customers demands for other relevant services.


Proactively inform customers about contract renewals. Increase conversions, with minimal time, money, and resources.

Moving Process

Increase productivity and efficiency for customers who are moving with automated customer interactions.

"By using communication with Wiraya, we've been able to make it easy for our customers to switch from postal invoice to an e-invoice solution. Over 60 % of the contacted customers decide to switch to e-invoice; this is a sign of high relevance and a great customer experience. This is one part of many in our journey to make fossil-free living possible within one generation."

Adam Viklund Product Owner B2C Acquisition


Need help with debt collection and payment chasing?

Missed payments and consumer debt is a contemporary and growing challenge for energy and utility suppliers. Most likely it isn’t because they’re unwilling to pay, rather they’re unaware the withdrawal hasn’t been done.

The consequences? A loss for your business, and your customers feel embarrased when they’re being chased by your staff.

There’s a better way.

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Energy companies are losing revenues every day, yet it’s totally unnecessary

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How can you master the welcome process?

The first impression is always important in relationships, not to mention long-distance ones. To build strong customer relationships over time, it is crucial to make sure new customers are satisfied and feel welcome. You can easily prevent churn early in the customer journey, by reaching out and welcoming customers and confirm their choice.

"With Wiraya's mobile communication, we can efficiently help new customers to get started and get more customers to renew their electricity policy when moving - by communicating the right message at the right time automatically. Wiraya supports us in several parts of the customer journey and we are delighted by the good results. We have already identified additional uses for Wiraya's solution. "

Sanna Lundström Head of Customer Development AO Market at Skellefteå Kraft

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