Success story:
How Öresundskraft successfully collected missing email addresses from their customers.

Öresundskraft is setting themselves up for success with up-to-date customer email addresses and consent.

At Öresundskraft, delivering excellent customer experience is a top priority. In order to deliver on this, having correct and up-to-date email addresses of existing customers (both B2C and B2B) is a prerequisite. Wiraya has proven to be an important partner in enabling this.


“As a customer centric company we want to be there for our customers; engaging with them and continuously offering service and support. As for many other companies, this has been a challenge as we have been missing email addresses of our customer base. But thanks to Wiraya, we have significantly improved the situation.”

Charlotta Björling,
Responsible for CX & Loyalty B2b


Getting through to customers without being intrusive

As part of their customer focus, Öresundskraft understood that they needed to improve the number of email addresses they have for their current customers. Having correct and up-to-date email addresses including consent is critical for maintaining customer relationships and delivering an excellent customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle.


Utilising the Wiraya platform to inspire action from customers

Wiraya’s communication platform is utilising the power of voice to cut through the noise and inspire the customer to take action. In practice, this means the Wiraya communication flow is configured so that it lowers the threshold for the customers, enabling them to provide their email address in a smooth, simple and hassle-free way.

The Wiraya email collection setup consisted of prerecorded voice calls, SMS and a digital landing page resulting in a “closed loop” communication where no human interaction was required. This resulted in a fully automated and scalable setup, allowing the customer to review and submit their contact information on the landing page on their terms.



40% of all reached customers submitted their email address

“Delivering excellent customer experience and service to our customers is a top priority! Thanks to our joint efforts with Wiraya, our ability to do this has dramatically improved.”

Conversion B2C: 40%

Conversion B2B: 43%

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