Success story:
How Vattenfall uses the surprise and delight element to reward loyal customers

Vattenfall is combining the power of voice with the joy of receiving something unexpected in order to reward and maintain customer loyalty.

Building a solid relationship with your existing customers is becoming more difficult in today’s day and age. With a strong focus on delivering excellent customer experience, Vattenfall utilise the Wiraya platform in order to activate and engage their small business customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

One example of this is the Wiraya Loyalty Concept. This concept has allowed Vattenfall to step out-of-the-box and grab their customers’ attention, rewarding existing customers and in turn, nurturing and strengthening the relationship.


“With this concept, we have been able to do something unexpected to reward our customers. The Wiraya Loyalty Concept has allowed us to utilize the surprise and delight element towards our most loyal customers.”


Per Kristensen,
Senior Marketing Strategist & PO Small Enterprises segment



the purpose & solution

Turbo boost customer loyalty and give your customers something to talk about

It often costs up to five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. So how can you show appreciation, deliver great customer experience and improve loyalty among your existing customers? 

In partnership with UpUp, the Wiraya Loyalty Concept gives an opportunity to create new moments with your customers. Moments where you can go beyond the expected and surprise and delight your customers. 

Vattenfall decided to surprise and reward their most loyal customers with a voice call and digital gift voucher in order to show appreciation. Wiraya helped out by setting up the communication flow from start to finish, including copywriting, studio recording with a professional voice actor, writing an SMS copy and configuring the flow on the Wiraya Cloud platform. 

Not only was this communication flow a way of building on a pleasant and personalised relationship with the customer, but additionally, the flow was unique in adding an element of surprise with a gift voucher for a package of ecological coffee. And the good thing is, Vattenfall only pays for the vouchers that are being redeemed!

By doing this, Vattenfall is going beyond the standard retention strategy, creating a long-lasting impression on their customers.


the Results

“We are very happy with our surprise and delight setup. Not only have over 90% of our customers been reached by the communication, but 55% took action in the flow and 14% have redeemed the voucher.”

  • REACH: 91%


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