Success story:
How Telge Energi continuously work with their customer loyalty

Telge Energi improved overall business results by focusing on delivering excellent customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle 

Telge Energi is the electricity company that has always challenged the industry. They have consistently focused on delivering excellent customer experience (CX) with efforts such as lowering prices, taking the next step to making it easy for people and companies to act sustainably, and together with Wiraya, working to create smooth and effortless customer journeys.

Over the years, Wiraya has helped Telge Energi activate and engage their customers at critical moments in the customer lifecycle. Moments such as welcome calls, converting customers from postal to e-invoice, email & mobile number collection, contract renewal and much more. In turn, Telge Energi has improved their business results as well as ensuring a solid relationship with their customers.


“For us, it is critical to engage our customers and actively work to strengthen loyalty throughout the customer lifecycle. Thanks to Wiraya, we have been able to put extra attention and flavour to the customer experience we deliver. This has enabled us to simplify the lives of our customers and reduce costs all while delivering excellent customer experience.”


Linnea Parde,
Customer & Sales Coordinator



the purpose & solution

A long-lasting partnership that has continuously been growing

Telge Energi has partnered up with Wiraya to create communication flows that simplify the lives of the customers and creates a solid relationship. The overarching purpose of the communication flow is to deliver proactive customer care, improve loyalty and increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). 

By targeting various critical moments, Wiraya’s communication platform has helped Telge with communication flows such as welcome calls, surprise loyalty calls, contract renewal and email collection, to name a few. Through the Wiraya communication it is easy for customers to take action, either by connecting to customer service or asking for more information in a SMS. The partnership has enabled Telge Energi to deliver customer experience by continuously engaging and interacting with their customers in a smooth way.  


Wiraya is supporting Telge Energi by setting up the communication flows from start to finish, including copywriting, studio recording with a professional voice actor, writing SMS copy and configuring the flows on the Wiraya platform. 

Wiraya delivers both the technical setup and flow configuration on the communication platform as well as being the experts in CX and really knowing what and how to communicate in order to increase the number of customers taking action based on the communication.


Examples of communication flows utilised by Telge Energi:


the Results

“Wiraya is invaluable when it comes to activating and engaging a large number of customers. It can be anything from sending a reminder to collect important information but also just showing them we are there. The results we are getting thanks to Wiraya are fantastic, not to mention the running support!”


Several of Telge Energi’s critical moments:

Welcome calls (customer onboarding)

  • Reach: 98%
  • Customers listening to the majority of the call: 85% 
  • Customers taking action based on the communication: 8%


Contract renewal

  • Reach: 91% 
  • Customers taking action based on the communication: 28% 
  • Customers talking to customer service: 18%


Email & mobile number collection

  • Reach: 87% 
  • Conversion: 38% 

(Customers submitting their email and or mobile number) 


Converting to E-invoice

  • Reach: 93% 
  • Conversion: 43% Average after A/B testing

(Customers converting from postal invoice to e-invoice)


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