How telecom marketeers can reduce churn in a heartbeat!

Do your customer a favour and stop accepting high churn rates

So your mobile subscribers have left you for another telecom operator? Telecom is one of the worst sectors when it comes to customer satisfaction and experience. European mobile operators lose in average 14% of their customers, every year. Many seem to have accepted these numbers for years but enough is enough! Now is the time to change the damaging reputation and turn around your churn rate.

To help you, we have listed 4 ways to reduce churn for telecom operators:

First impression sets the bar in your relationship
When meeting a new person for the first time the first impression sets the expectations of your future relationship. The same applies when introducing a product or service to a new customer. The first 100 days are the most critical to build a long-term relationship and prevent churn later on. Reach out to welcome and help your customer to get a smooth start.

Simplify the customer experience
Remove or simplify tasks that are difficult for your customer. Sometimes you may need information from your customers or want them to take an action in some way. It could be to pay an invoice, give consent or start using self-service portal. Many operators still send postal mails or emails to ask customers to fill out forms and send back. But most customers simply don’t act. It’s not because they’re not interested, they’re just busy. Chasing them is costly and not efficient. Through automated mobile interactions you can efficiently help your customer to take immediate action, through their mobile device.

Customize your offerings
If you know that your customer doesn’t have the best offer or subscription adapted to his or her needs, make sure to offer a better deal before that customer take the initiative to change operator. By proactively contacting your customer, they’ll feel more appreciated and stay longer. It’s important to be proactive. It’ll save you money and time and prevent you from losing your customer to another operator with the need to win them back again.

Do your customer a favour – don’t bombard them
We live in a digital era where customers are bombarded with untargeted mass marketing. Be creative and use new technology that makes it possible to create personalised messages, at the right time and in a channel people trust. If you want your customer to renew a service, ask them not only to renew, make them feel you’re doing them a favour. Then they will appreciate the communication.


How can Wiraya help?
With Wiraya you can reduce churn by 5%. Wiraya has helped many leading brands to digitalise and automate their customer interactions. By using artificial intelligence, (AI) the software blends pre-recorded calls and mobile messaging to inspire action from your customers. Automatically.

The AI technology lets you personalise your message to each individual and send it at the right time, in the mobile channel your customers trust. Whether, you need your customers to do something, know something, update something, start something, stop something, change something or buy something, you can use Wiraya to create engaging content that enables your customers to take immediate action, using their mobile phone.

Wiraya makes it possible to keep that human contact and still reach thousands of customers at once, without spending countless of money on call centers.

Tom Stenius

Chief Product Officer