Why ignoring customer consent now could hurt iGaming profits

How to turn a potential disaster into a huge win

Customer data is the lifeblood of the iGaming industry. It’s how you communicate big events, offers, and opportunities to those who really want to hear about them. It’s how you understand what your customers need. And it’s how you help them to choose your casino.

But there’s a big shift coming that could change the nature of how and when you speak to customers.


Why customer consent matters

There’s no way around it, GDPR compliance will change how you talk to your database.

Chances are that new sign-ups will be fine. You probably already have new systems in place to ensure you get consent in an efficient and compliant way.

But existing customers? That may take a bit more work.

Anyone who hasn’t logged in for a while, people who registered but never made a deposit or even customers from mergers and acquisitions — they’ll all need to be contacted. But it’ll take extra care and attention to make sure they spend with you again.

Are your rivals doing something about it?

Data is a big topic at the moment, and with the arrival of GDPR it’s only going to matter more. The press will be talking about it. Your customers (and potential customers) will be talking about it.

But most importantly, your competitors will be talking about it. And acting on it.

Your rivals are after the same pool of customers that you are. It’s much easier to convince an existing digital casino customer to switch loyalty than it is to get someone new to give it a try.

If your competitors act faster and start talking to your customers about consent before you do, you risk losing those customers.

And their revenue.

Turn potential disaster into a huge opportunity

There’s no doubt about it – get this wrong and you could take a big hit to your profits.

But on the other hand, get it right and you can turn that on its head. Disaster becomes an opportunity. It becomes a chance to build a stronger relationship with your customers, find new customers and make a lot of money in the process.

Caroline Olsson

Digital Marketing Specialist