Subscribers are dissatisfied with their operator’s communication

How to turn around your dissatisfied customers

The majority of customers you lost as a mobile operator could have stayed longer. But in order to keep your customers, it’s important that you make them feel appreciated, make sure they get relevant information at the right time, and in channels they choose.

The telecom industry is extremely competitive and faces a number of challenges like digital transformation, shifts in technology and rapid changes in customer needs. At the same time, the operators are expected to be service-oriented, reliable and constantly launching new innovative services. As mobile usage continues to increase, customers set higher demands than ever before. And they are not afraid to leave their operator if a better offer appears elsewhere. The biggest challenge among mobile operators is spelled churn.

Wiraya asked Novus to conduct a consumer survey where 1,440 people were asked about their operators’ customer communication. Many of them had left their mobile operator, bank, insurance or electricity supplier.

The result has given us an obvious conclusion: mobile operators must improve the way they communicate with their existing customers. 47% felt they didn’t receive relevant communication or communication at the wrong time. 93% of the customers would have been more content with their mobile operator if they had gotten more personalised communication.

What type of customer communication irritates them?

When they get bombarded by, in their view, unnecessary communication

Reduce customer turnover – communicate on your customer’s term.

Despite evidence that it’s harder and less profitable to bring in new customers, businesses are still completely obsessed by bringing in new prospects. Research shows that the process of winning a new customer can cost five times as much as retaining an existing one.  And who loses out? Your existing customers. They who actually spend money with you. To build trust with your existing customers you must manage customer interactions with sensitivity – in message timing, frequency, tone of voice and channel mix. That sensitivity only comes from data that customers have given you and expect you to protect and use sparingly. Do that, and they’ll invest even more time and money with you – the KPIs that really matter.

Tom Stenius

Chief Product Officer

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