Where does voice communication fit in your marketing stack?

A powerful tool in your customer experience plan

Say you have 110 customers. You identify 10 of them as high-value and assign them to a telemarketing service.
That leaves 100 customers that need to be activated through marketing automation (email, SMS etc.).
Now if your marketing automation converts an average of 3% (benchmark), that leaves 97 customers who didn’t take action.
That’s a massive chunk of your customer base that is at risk of churning and is about to spend their money elsewhere.

Sure marketing automation or email marketing have their place. However, people often perceive it as impersonal and spammy which explains the incredibly low conversion rate of 3%.
On the contrary, telemarketing has a high conversion rate with one-to-one interactions but it’s very expensive and resource-heavy, which often restricts companies to focus on limited customer groups.
What happens with the majority of customers who still haven’t taken action and engaged with your brand?

This is where Wiraya fits into your marketing stack. It can easily be integrated with your existing marketing automation and CRM.
Wiraya offers personalised and interactive voice calls similar to telemarketing but with a pre-recorded male or female voice it reach thousands of customers at the right time, with the right message,
and in a channel people trust and spend most of their time on, their phone.

Let’s take a look at the facts: 

  • It cost 10% of what telemarketing does
  • It has 4 times higher conversion than marketing automation
  • Wiraya calls have 48% response rate

Caroline Olsson

Digital Marketing Specialist

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