5 tips to get your lapsed players back into the game

A few weeks back, we sat down with our Account Manager Jenny Ramstedt to discuss how to maintain long-lasting relationships when communicating with players – read the interview here. She gave some great insight into the changing iGaming industry and one takeaway is that CX is becoming the prime way to differentiate your brand and win players and more and more operators are looking outside the box.

When looking at a segment of lapsed players, you easily forget that they have probably been inactive for an extended period of time in which they have maybe even forgotten what your brand offers to them. In fact, there is even a high probability they have tested out the water with other brands, but there are 5 tips on how you can stand out from the competitors and win back your lapsed players.   

1. Deliver positive emotions or remove friction

Essentially when you are looking to improve customer experience in specific moments in the customer lifecycle, you want to identify the moments where you either are able to remove friction in order to make life easier for the customer. Or looking at the moments where you have an opportunity to deliver positive emotions to make an impression that lasts. Just enticing players with bonus offers and free spins is simply not enough to get your players back in the game again.

2. Use the customers preferred channel and increase the chances of reaching your player

On average, each individual is spending 3 hours and 15min on their mobile phone per day. So, by communicating with the player in their preferred channel you are taking one step towards the likelihood of reaching your player. But, unfortunately that alone won’t do the trick! We have seen that by personalising the actual message and looking at the timing of the communication – which day of the week, time of the day and when in the lifecycle you will get the best response – you are able to increase the reach and response rates significantly. The timing and the relevance of your communication is crucial to even stand a chance of earning your players interest!

3. Differentiate your brand from the competition

In the competitive gaming market, the brands who resonate well with their targeted players through their messaging will have a competitive advantage. The feelings connected to you as a brand is key when looking for success in a competitive market. One simple, yet powerful way of delivering emotions and making an impression that lasts with your customers is using voice in your communication.

With voice, you are able to add another dimension to what you want to say, with how you say it, and it will enhance the player experience dramatically. When you have the power to add tonality, variate accentuation and include sound to your message, then you are able to a greater extent control how your message will be perceived by the player. 

4. Thinking outside the box in your offerings

Brands should take advantage of big events and utilize them to spark interest in your players. This means thinking outside of the box when deciding what offers you want to bring to them, how and when. Maybe there is a world cup, euros or another event coming up. Why not create a fun and engaging communication to get them excited about it!? Combining this limited offering to create a compelling event with a fun and memorable voice and text interaction will help you stand out from the rest. In addition, your player will appreciate it much more than being offered a generic bonus offer. 

5. Gamification – A playful way to your players heart

Differentiating yourself from the competition is not solely about what you say, it’s even more important how you say it. In a highly competitive market, when offerings don’t differ that much from one operator to another, an excellent CX will be vital to outperform the competition.

Inspiring lapsed players to come back to your brand by interacting with players in a fun and engaging way is one way of surprising the player and making an impression that lasts. We have seen that using gamification to motivate players to participate and engage with your brand is beneficial. It’s not just a fun way of communicating but in addition has a positive impact on your conversion rate.

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Natalie Kolmogorova