There’s a better way to increase CLV

How telcos usually interact with customers to increase CLV and why it doesn’t work

Mobile operators lose massive amounts of customers every year, as customers easily switch between different suppliers if they’re not happy. And they aren’t!
Even though there has been an incremental improvement in customer experience (CX), the last years for telcos, nobody has been able to significantly improve the churn rate.

Telcos we meet spend enormous amount of money on systems to collect demographical and behavioral customer data, analytics tools for better segmentation and proposal of next best actions.  They have fine-tuned customer journeys, invested in new marketing technology for automating triggered e-mails, text messages, and postal mailings. They’ve tweaked messages, tone of voice and timing. The only thing left is to inspire their customers to act on their communication. It turns out that’s the hardest part.

Our experience shows that most operators do the following main activities (and why they don’t work):

Marketing Automation
Many companies turn to marketing automation because it’s both cheap and enables you to reach a larger audience at once. However, it usually generates a low conversion. The average click through rate (CTR) is 3,2%. If you want to deliver a great customer experience, mass marketing emails aren’t the right approach. Many customers are fed up with suppliers bombarding them with untargeted and irrelevant emails and text messages.

And when it comes to execution; for most people the complexity of a multi-channel campaign makes it all but impossible to organise which message to send to whom, and when, despite the new marketing automation tools available. There are so many question marks and tweaks needed.

Through a personalised conversation with each customer your special trained agents can offer a one-to-one interaction and the message can be adapted in real time. The agents can easily guide your customers to the right action.
However, because the agents don’t know what time is right to call your customers, it can easily be perceived as annoying and pushy. It’s obvious that it is both time consuming and ridiculously expensive.

Since your agents only can handle a limited amount of contacts per day it’s not scalable.


How can you benefit from Wiraya Activation Intelligence?
Get the best communication tool that helps you boost your CLV and proactively reduce churn. Wiraya is the in-between solution that helps your customers who are not interested enough to convert through marketing automation, but still need that personal help to act.
Wiraya’s managed mobile customer activation software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to personalise and blend voice, text and mobile messaging to provoke action from your customers. The pre-recorded voice calls and text messages are automated which help you scale and reach thousands at once while still keeping that human interaction.

Leading brands use Wiraya when they want their customers to do something, know something, update something, start something, stop something, change something or buy something. Wiraya has proven to reduce churn significantly.


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Tom Stenius

Chief Product Officer