The Power of Insane Honesty

Why the future of content marketing: why ’customer in’ wins every time

One of the world’s leading Content Marketing Agency; Velocity, recently visited Wiraya at a breakfast seminar in Stockholm. Stan Woods, Managing Director at Velocity was talking about the future of content marketing and explained the power of “Insane Honesty” in a marketing context.

The problem with most marketing today is that it’s essentially dull. Most marketing departments still live in an old-style broadcast world where they think their customers and their prospects care about what they say.

The challenge for marketers is to really put themselves in the shoes of their prospects. To really think about their interest, their concerns, their problems and prepare marketing campaigns that actually address those needs. Have you heard about it before? Yes, it’s not rocket science. However, most marketing departments still don’t have the right set-up and strategy.

Stan argues that it’s time for marketers to start being honest in their communication and that total honesty is the best ruse ever invented. In fact, most marketers treat their negative features like weeping sores on a blind date; they hide them and they pretend the weakness doesn’t matter (when, to some customers, they might matter quite a bit).

What if your brand would take another approach? Stan explains that the thing is, when your target audience is any subset of homo sapiens, anything less than total honesty is the insane thing. And the simple reason for that is because we like people we trust and people that are honest.

Why insane honesty works;

It surprises and delights – Making you marketing less like marketing
It signals confidence – The most powerful force in marketing
It builds trust – Trust good. Suspicion bad.
It alienates less likely buyers – The mismatches and the time-wasters
It attracts your ideal prospects – The ones you need to meet
It focuses you on the battles you can win – The only ones worth fighting

Kelsey Hunter Lind

Digital Marketing Specialist