The biggest misinterpretation with voice calls 

How can voice make a serious difference to your customer experience?

Let’s face it! Voice calls do not have the best reputation. You might even have had one of those calls before? A robotic voice that doesn’t really make sense. The one that goes on and on before you can take a simple action…

It is the most common misinterpretation with voice calls and it couldn’t be further from the truth. After all, we’re moving towards a world where more and more people are using voice to interact with their devices ( Siri, Alexa, Goggle assistant). 

Get voice right and it can be a powerful weapon in delivering a kick-ass customer experience.
But how do you get it right? Based on millions of interactions a few things become very clear…

  1. Consumers prefer human voice over robotic voice
  2. Personalised messages are more effective than generic ones
  3. The best result comes from combining voice, personalised text messages and landing pages
  4. Consumers prefer automated calls to telemarketing because they can choose how long to interact.

Wiraya specialises in doing exactly that for more than 100 of Europe’s leading brands. By combining interactive voice calls, personal text messages and landing pages with clear Call-to-actions, it generates 4 times higher conversion than marketing automation and has an average response rate of 48%. 

The smart software uses data to determine when and how to communicate with each customer and keeps that personal contact you get in Telemarketing. But through automation, a human voice can interact with tens of thousands of customers at once and inspire them to act

Caroline Olsson

Digital Marketing Specialist

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