iGaming is missing out on millions in profit, yet it’s so easy to avoid

The critical last step: inspire your players to make them take action

Failing to activate new players is one of the biggest challenges for the industry today, with 65% of newly registered customers never making a deposit.

Yet another costly marketing campaign has been a roaring success, and thousands of people have signed up to become registered players with your brand. Now they’re in, you need to inspire them to make those all-important first, second and third deposits, moving them from new customers to loyal players. All this while beating your increasing number of competitors to the punch.

Getting the maximum bang for your buck

All the operators we speak to spend a lot of money not only on player acquisition but on their marketing and CRM tech stacks too. If that’s you and you want to get the absolute maximum bang for your buck, it is likely that you will also want to use your existing systems to communicate with existing players as well as new customers and prospects. So you create some great user journeys in your campaign tools that then guide players towards making that all-important deposit. This all sounds pretty simple so far…

The critical last step.

The only thing left is to choose and send the most effective communications for each individual player to inspire them to take action. However, it is at this point right here, where so many operators fail. This key step is why such a small proportion of your target group ever take action and make that all-important deposit.

There are so many variables in this final phase that your business should consider in order to positively change your conversion rates

• Which channels do you use?

• What’s the right message for each situation?

• How can you personalise them?

• What’s the right tone of voice to match your brand?

• When should you get in touch?

• What if the customers don’t react? What then?

How can you address this challenge?

Taking these variables into consideration, many operators are now taking a different approach to player communication that automates at scale yet offers that personalised approach down to each individual player. The result? These brands are not only seeing a direct increase in player deposits and revenues a serious effect on underlying business revenues.


Caroline Olsson

Digital Marketing Specialist

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