Success story:
How SEB increase CLV in their small and medium-sized customer segment

SEB is winning the hearts of their customers by focusing on delivering excellent customer experience

In the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) market, SEB’s strategy is to develop and expand the customer offering by building on the reputation as the leading corporate bank in Sweden. The key is to take a comprehensive approach to each company’s situation, including the needs of its employees and owners.

The ambition for SEB is to further improve customer satisfaction through developing services and advisory processes, including business propositions. Wiraya has proven to be an important partner in making that vision come true.


Before Wiraya we spent a lot of time and effort getting the word out about our superb customer service offerings like our, annual business reviews. Now our customer advisors are really excited about the great increase of incoming meeting requests. Both the Wiraya communication and the business reviews as such has helped us delivering excellent customer experience as well as expanded our business.

Christina Norrbom Holm,
Senior Project Manager Group Marketing



the challenge

Getting through to customers without being too intrusive

As part of their customer communication strategy, SEB had identified that one critical moment in the customer lifecycle is to inform and encourage customers to schedule an annual business review. An important step of the lifecycle in order to build loyalty and reduce churn.

People live busy lives and just like many other companies, SEB was struggling to reach their SME customers with their offerings. They knew they were offering a great service appreciated by customers but how could they get the message across to more customers and engage customers on their terms?

SEB needed a way to scale their initiatives encouraging more customers to utilize the service.



the solution

Boosting the critical moments in the customer lifecycle with Wiraya

Since the SEB SME advisors are known for giving exceptional good service the challenge for Wiraya was to generate interest and encourage more customers to schedule an annual business review.

Wiraya configured the flow on their platform, produced all content, and hit the studio together with a professional voice-over actor. This would be the foundation of the communication program, together with a number of different SMS communication.
Together with SEB, Wiraya defined the specific customer segment for the activity and configured the communication program on the Wiraya platform.

When a customer hits the critical moment in the customer lifecycle their contact information is being securely transferred to the Wiraya platform, triggering the outbound communication program.



the Results

More than 10% decided to schedule an annual business review

“We are really satisfied with this initiative and the results. Over 90% of the customers were reached by the communication and well over 10% decided to schedule an annual business review. by proactively engaging with our customers we can make sure we deliver an excellent customer experience.”

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