Success story:
How MSX International uses Wiraya’s video calling solution to connect with customers and improve customer experience.

About MSX International.

MSX International has been the partner company to many of the world’s leading automotive brands. With expertise in business transformation for over 25 years, they have helped generate value and consistent growth for their clients. By enhancing their clients journey in the automotive industry, their innovative and transformative business models have allowed clients to optimise their operations, improve their performance, and drive success.

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Wiraya’s Video Calling Solution

Wiraya has supported MSX International by developing a video call solution that serves as a visual aid to an ongoing customer call. As a result, MSX International has shortened their average handling time and decreased the number of errand resubmissions. All in all, the video call solution leads to improved efficiency and better customer experiences.

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“With the video call solution from Wiraya we are able to provide visual aid in our ongoing customer calls. This leads to shorter average handling times and fewer resubmissions as we can help customers directly in the ongoing calls.“

Yashar Maleky,
Nordic Platform Manager


Initiating video calling and leveraging the relationship with the customer

MSX International has partnered up with Wiraya to create a solution that improves the efficiency of their customer support and increases the customer experience. The purpose of the solution has been to enable a visual aid in an ongoing customer call. 

By connecting directly with customers, MSX International is able to have quicker access to the customer’s specific needs, and thus assist in solving their errands in a smooth and quick way. 

The video call is generated by sending an SMS with a link to the customer. The link allows the customer to open the forward-facing camera on their phone and makes it possible for the customer service agent to see the issue and give guidance while they still have the customer on the line. The agent can choose which parts of the video session they need recorded to then download and save the inquiry. 

The final step is optional, where the service agent can send an evaluation SMS to the customer to get feedback on the call.




“The Wiraya video calling solution helps us solve problems efficiently while also making it easier for the service agent to deliver an excellent customer experience.”

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