Success story:
How Lime ensures excellent customer experience with the Wiraya Loyalty Concept

Lime takes their CRM strategy to the next level – adding an unexpected twist

Lime, a leading Nordic CRM provider, has gone all in to help companies across Europe to exceed their customers’ expectations. They call this CRM with a twist. 

With a strong focus on their existing clients, Lime decided to take their own CRM strategy to the next level, adding an unexpected twist to generate positive emotions and boost loyalty among their existing customers. 




We believe in extraordinary customer experiences and the Wiraya Loyalty Concept has allowed us to give that experience to our own customers. Thanks to this concept, we have a fun and engaging way to surprise & delight our customers and show our appreciation.

Anna Hansen,
Head of Loyalty and Expansion



the purpose & solution

Improving customer loyalty by going beyond the expected

Lime takes great pride in delivering on-point expertise, spot-on software, and lasting results. At Lime, there is a dedicated and high-performing customer success team in place and the purpose of this communication flow was to further add to that. Historically, Lime has sent flowers to customers on their anniversary but with the Wiraya Loyalty Concept, they took the opportunity to do something extraordinary. The combination of a playful voice call, SMS, and a digital voucher for a princess cake allows Lime to reach more customers and create an even greater surprise & delight effect.

This is where the Wiraya Loyalty Concept comes in. It gives an opportunity to create new moments with customers, moments that allow you to go beyond the expected in order to surprise and delight your customers. The concept is developed in partnership with UpUp. 

Lime’s communication flow consists of a combination of a pleasant phone call and SMS leading customers to a digital voucher page. The customers can use the digital voucher in order to redeem their cake at any of the major grocery stores in Sweden. The communication flow also consisted of a brief SMS evaluation, asking the customers what they thought of the activity and the cake. 

Wiraya managed the full setup of the communication flow from start to finish including copywriting, studio recording with a professional voice actor, writing SMS copy and configuring the flow on the Wiraya Cloud platform. 



the Results

This concept has proven to be a great addition to our existing customer communication. I am happy to see that as many as 90% of our customers appreciate this activity.”

  • REACH: 96%


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