Success story:
GuazuBet implements a
cross-functional communication strategy across all their channels

GuazuBet wanted to give a personal, fun, and memorable experience to their players in the province of Misiones, Argentina, to stay on top of their minds and open up more channels for their communication strategy. How could they find a way to be personal and local, yet reach all players at the right time…


GuazuBet lacked an efficient tool to get that engagement in a sustainable and efficient way. Using pre-recorded voice calls, SMS, and emails in combination with GuazuBet’s customer service, two different sets of communication flows were created. One flow targeted inactive customers in the last 30-60 days, while the other flow targeted inactive customers in the 90-day range.


Focusing on reactivating previous customers is a much more cost-effective approach than solely focusing on new leads. Acquiring new customers costs five times more compared to retaining existing ones. Moreover, loyal customers on average spend 67% more compared to new customers. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to take care of their existing customers and dedicate equal attention to them.


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Why did you choose to work with the solution that Wiraya provides? 

“We chose to work with the solution that Wiraya provides because our primary focus is on the activation and reactivation of players within our operation. Wiraya’s solution stood out as an ideal choice to help us achieve these objectives effectively.


Wiraya offers a comprehensive suite of services and tools that cater specifically to customer engagement and communication. Their expertise in personalized and automated communications enables us to engage with our players in a more meaningful and targeted manner. This is crucial for not only attracting new players but also re-engaging and retaining our existing user base.


The ability to create customized, data-driven communication strategies with Wiraya allows us to reach out to players at critical moments, enhancing their overall experience and encouraging continued engagement. This aligns perfectly with our goals to drive player activation and reactivation.”



How is it to work with Wiraya as a customer?

“The quality of service we have received from Wiraya has consistently met our expectations. Their solutions have proven to be effective in helping us achieve our goals, especially in terms of player reactivation. The communication and engagement tools they offer have enhanced our ability to connect with our players in a more personalized and efficient way.

Our account manager has been a valuable asset to our partnership with Wiraya. Their expertise and dedication have played a significant role in our satisfaction as customers. They are responsive, proactive, and have a deep understanding of our specific needs and objectives. Their support has made the implementation and ongoing use of Wiraya’s solutions seamless and effective.”