Martech Report 2021

Investments in Martech are increasing exponentially!

Martech has grown strongly in recent years and has created new opportunities for digital, automated and data-driven communication and sales. It is crucial to understand the upfront work to successfully invest and utilise Martech, and ultimately improve ROI. Four main insights from this year’s Martech Report 2021:

  • Martech investments are increasing again.
  • Organisation, system integration and competence are seen as the biggest challenges to solve in order to succeed with Martech.
  • Buy-in and support from top management is crucial to embed Martech in the entire community.
  • Half of all marketers lack good role models and success cases.

The Martech report is based on a quantitative survey and interviews in Northern Europe. It’s done by Wiraya, Odyssey, CMO goes Tech and SWEDMA – all of which represent different parts of a growing Martech community. The purpose is to increase knowledge in the Martech area, but also create a forum for discussing issues and challenges, as well as giving advice and support.

We are very happy to be a part of another year of the Martech Report. Our aim is to share and discuss new insights and valuable tips within Martech from Swedish marketers.

Click here to download the Martech Report 2021 (in Swedish)

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