Utilising critical moments in the customer journey to improve customer lifetime value

Initiating customers to take action by identifying critical moments. How using these moments with automated personalisation at scale can drive higher conversion.

With competition increasing, catching your customer’s attention is becoming more and more difficult. It’s vital to be relevant in your communication with content that is personalised for that specific customer also ensuring the timing of it being executed is correct.

Call-centres and marketing automation are two options that companies are choosing to communicate with their customer segments. However, our experience when discussing challenges around customer experience through the customer lifecycle with companies has narrowed down one common denominator. There are moments in the customer lifecycle that these two channels aren’t optimised for, but where a great experience will make a huge difference on the bottom line.

Standard moments 

Standard moments are those that tend to require very little personalisation for instance, sending a generic welcome email to confirm a new subscription or sign up. While sending the same generic notification to many customers at once makes it easy to scale thanks to marketing automation, it can be challenging in the long-run to establish a personalised relationship with your customer.

Personal Moments

Personal moments are those that require one-to-one conversations with your customers so you can address their specific needs, wants or challenges. These moments must have a customised, person-to-person approach whether it being drawing up a new contract/offer or negotiating.  Although it is personalised as seen with telemarketing, it can be extremely challenging to scale to the amount desired as it is very costly.

This is where precision customer activation can step in and help.

Critical moments 

There’s another, critical class of moments that brands haven’t carefully looked at, that neither of these solutions are optimised for. Critical moments are those that many of your customers experience, but that are best managed with a more personalised approach. Some of these include promoting offers, up-selling, renewing contracts, encouraging first-time spending and scheduling meetings.

Precision customer activation uses data to generate and send the optimal blend of voice, text and mobile messaging at scale. While this doesn’t need to replace your current marketing activities, it should be complementary to helping companies achieve higher conversion.

This is where precision customer activation comes in. It is the scalable, data-driven way to inform, activate, and steer each of your customers in the moments that make or break experiences.

What are some of the benefits for your company?

  • Personal and scalable communication
  • Encourages individuals to take action at their convenience resulting in higher conversion
  • Fast implementation and instant results

Most companies will look at either standard moments or personalised moments when deciding on their means of communicating and interacting with their customers. However, how do they differ from critical moments and why is it vital to utilise critical moments with precision customer activation?

Here’s our guide on how this can be achieved:

  1. Identify and analyse all your critical moments.

  2. Using your customer data to build smart, detailed profiles for each of your customers

  3. Identifying the right channel activation mix to deliver communications: at the right time and in the right ways and at the right tonality to each individual customer

  4. Deploying bespoke content that will convert the customer (a journey featuring an optimal blend of personalised voice call, texts and landing pages too)

  5. Learning from these interactions in real time to improve customer-lifetime value and loyalty, and updating communications

For some companies, telemarketing works well and with others, marketing automation succeeds. However, by combining current marketing activities with Wiraya’s solution, brands can optimise for every customer lifecycle moment. Wiraya not only creates personalised communication, but reaches many more customers at scale.

If you are interested in reading more on critical moments in different industries, download our eBook here!

Natalie Kolmogorova