How to use brand ambassadors to enhance CX

Engaging players doesn’t have to be a continuous losing battle. Time to call upon your brand ambassadors…

A brand ambassador may be the missing piece to your promotional puzzle. Even though many brands already have these ambassadors, they aren’t making the most out of the collaboration. It’s time to rethink your approach.

Time and time again we are see iGaming brands struggling to truly engage with players effectively, causing significant and unnecessary losses. The industry is completely saturated by competitors marketing the same offers, the same odds, the same user experiences, marketed in the same way. The issue here is about true differentiation. How is it possible to stand out from the crowd when the whole industry is utilising similar methods to sell and engage players?

Your brand ambassador may be the missing piece to your promotional puzzle. So many operators are turning ambassadors to offer clear brand identity. And understandably so, this is a great way to create an emotional connection to your players and brand. Whether it is a celebrity figure or leading footballer, there is no doubt that having this resource helps with brand promotion. Yet you are fundamentally underusing this valuable resource. Here’s how…

Time to break the mould

Whether relatable, likeable or even hateable, your ambassador must clearly empower emotion and recognition from players. We see these brand ambassadors used across a range of marketing channels from TV ads, billboards and in game advertising, but direct communication with customers remains an untapped opportunity.

According to a recent survey, the average consumer checks their phone 28 times a day and indeed all things mobiles is nothing new. Yet at the same time the iGaming industry have yet to take full advantage of the possibilities mobile can offer in your player’s customer journey. Mixing common marketing methods and two-way customer mobile dialogue directly to your players has shown to be the key to engage customers with your brand. This has delivered some compelling response rates that can’t be ignored.

Make everyone feel like a VIP

So how do you make the most out of you ambassador collaboration? The iGaming industry are experts when it comes to serving VIP customers. But unfortunately, the majority of the customer base are left out in the cold, receiving standardised emails and offers. And let’s be honest, no one really jumps out of their seat to read an email or standardised message, right? Innovative operators are now using brand ambassadors to directly engage with your players instead. Let’s look into an example how to engage players with large scale, yet personal, communication.

Premium UK operator Black Type uses former professional footballer and respected journalist, David Preece, as core to their brand, and using Wiraya, agreed on specific touch points in the customer journey where Blacktype could use Mobile Customer Activation software.  The Wiraya customer success team kicked into to develop compelling copy and Preece was then recorded in a professional recording studio, using this personalised messaging. Using David’s distinct voice type Black Type were able to really personalise the call for players, across activation, reactivation and specific campaigns. This not only provided clear differentiation compared to other operators, but allowed Black Type to clearly promote a consistent brand across communication on channels.

So, what are the key factors that makes this important to your brand?

1. Delivers maximum ROI on your brand ambassador partnership

2. Proven higher conversion with recognised voice for target group

3. Controls your brand across all channels for consistency and recognition

4. Improves customer experience

Want to learn more?

Get inspired by how Blacktype activated their players with the help of their brand ambassador in the customer story.

Malin Wahlberg

Chief Revenue Officer