Video Calling Solution

Video call is proving to be successful in helping companies retain and connect with their customers. We provide visual aid, helping your customers to solve their errands in a smooth and quick way.

Issues we can help solve

The video call solution is not meant to replace your existing customer support system. Our aim is to collaborate with your customer service team instead of replacing it. The following are some of the many issues we help solve:

What ROI it brings to your brand:

Increased customer experience as visual aid helps customers solve their problems

Leveraging your relationship with your customer to create a personal connection with video aid

Creating a faster resolution time (FCR) and cutting down on average handling time

Standing above the competition and leaving a long-lasting impression with your customer

Reducing customer service costs by providing immediate assistance and reducing the number of support requests significantly

Improving the efficiency of your customer support

Gaining feedback faster from customers with the optional satisfaction survey


What do these all lead to?

Higher customer retention, increase in upselling and turbo boosting customer satisfaction!


How to set up a video call

1. Simply login to our Wiraya platform.

2. Enter the mobile number of the customer and start a video session by sending an SMS to your customer.

3. The video session with the customer starts once they click on the link (an option to have the call whole or partially recorded is available and will be added to a list of other saved calls).

4. The video call is without sound so the current voice call must be ongoing.

You’re good to go!

Illustrative Video Calling

Want to see it in action?

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