It’s Game Time!

It's Game Time!

Welcome to our quiz! Get the chance to win a FREE Wiraya voice communication for your friends in connection to your own phone, and do something fun, maybe a party invitation, birthday call or just prank call! We will create it for you!

The rules are simple. Get all the questions right and win!

Ready to play? Good luck!

Terms and conditions: The quiz winner is subject to a maximum number of 200 contacts for their prize. The communication must be used within 12 months of the winner being contacted.

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GDPR: Here at Wiraya, we take your privacy seriously and respect your trust. In addition to your completion of the quiz, we will collect contact information such as name and email address. This information is required to to follow up if needed will only be used when selecting the winner.

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Guess the country

Your clues:

Pick-up rate > 60%

Listen through rate > 70%

Conversion ~ 14%

Background on the country: This nation tends to be quite humble, finding boasting completely unacceptable and more often than not avoiding conflict. They enjoy minimalistic home decorations and look forward to midsummer celebrations with friends.

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What market has the highest pick-up rates?

Hint: Check our LinkedIn posts (Data Thursdays)

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What country has the highest listen-through-rate in the Nordic market?

Hint: Check our LinkedIn posts (Data Thursdays)

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How many markets did Wiraya communicate in since the start of 2008?

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