Debt collection and payment chasing

Increase debt collections by 25% while keeping your customers happy




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No action from non-paying customers?

Missed payments and consumer debt is a contemporary and growing challenge for energy and utility suppliers. Most likely it isn’t because they’re unwilling to pay, rather they’re unaware the withdrawal hasn’t been done.

The consequences? A loss for your business and your customers feel embarrassed when your staff is chasing them.

There’s a better way.

"In the first 3 months of using Wiraya services, we saw a 25% increase in customer engagement in online payments. This drove contact away from our contact centres, allowing better utilisation of our resources. This percentage increase continues to rise. Apart from receiving more payments, we’ve also noticed that it’s more convenient for our customers to pay without being chased by our debt recovery agents."


Automated interactions your customers appreciate

Wiraya is a customer activation software that provoke action from your customers in their most trusted channel, the mobile. Wiraya knows exactly what, when and how to communicate to each individual, and blends voice, text and mobile messaging. Your delinquent customers get smooth ways of sorting out the situation and payments are easily settled.

The result? 4x higher conversion.

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