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The new capabilities we create are aimed at improving the usability of our platform, elevating your customer experience, and ultimately bringing unearned revenue to your brand.


Text-To-Speech (TTS) is a new capability developed at Wiraya. With Wiraya’s Text-To-Speech we go beyond the traditional TTS set up to further improve the human touch in terms of tweaking tonality and speed of voice etc.

TTS is a complement to Wiraya’s high-quality studio recordings using professional voice actors. This capability helps us be more agile with our customers.


Wiraya Loyalty Concept

The Wiraya Loyalty Concept is a new solution with the aim of the turbo-boosting customer and/or employee loyalty. With the ultimate goal of increasing retention, Wiraya can help surprise and delight your audience with the power of voice and the joy of receiving something unexpected. 

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Wiraya Video Calling

Video call is proving to be a successful tool in helping companies retain and connect with their customers. With the new Wiraya video call capability, we provide visual aid, helping your customers to solve their errands in a smooth and quick way. The solution enables visual support during an ongoing phone call with a customer.

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Give your customers immediate attention and in return receive happy and loyal customers!