Two simple factors that make players stay

Two things that customers have become used to, and therefore expect

In the age of the customer, it’s crucial to stay on top of the game when it comes to understanding what your customers want! Of course, no generic recommendation beats collecting your own customer insights, but we’ve summarised two things that customers today have become used to, and therefore expect. Get this right and it not only improves your customer journey, but it will also show the extent of increased conversion rates.

Keep things simple

We all know customers like things to be simple to use (we’re all customers ourselves, after all), but promising simplicity and delivering it are two very different things.

Failure to deliver simplicity means many iGaming brands are making their players do more work to use your product. It’s no wonder they’re less likely to make a deposit. Your customers are busy people and if your competitors are offering ease of use, there is a good chance your players will be ex-players in no time.

When Wiraya asked consumers what they considered to be outstanding customer experience the reply was simple:

“I expect brands to predict and solve my problems and that I, as a loyal customer, get the best offers.”

Yet predictability and simplicity are ironically some of the most difficult things to deliver, mostly because it requires you to have access to data and insights about your customers. Look at Amazon, for example, one of the most automated tech companies and global leaders in CX. They have worked hard to design a frictionless, principally digital self-service experience that puts the customer first. They then introduce the human touch to provide support when people need it the most.

Finding new players and retaining existing ones means delivering a smooth, simple, enjoyable experience. Not just in-game, but across every interaction with your brand. That’s where innovative marketing technology comes in to play.

The feeling of being VIP

In iGaming, delivering great experiences is nothing new. Just consider the kind of personalised communications that are delivered to VIPs and big spenders. Brands do it because it’s incredibly effective.

Now modern marketing technology, Wiraya being one of them, allows you to deliver that tailored experience not just to your most important customers, but to every customer. By using automation you can deliver great customer experience not to one, but to thousands of players at the same time, enabling them to get connected with one of your top notch customer service representatives players feel appreciated and specifically catered to. This builds loyalty and encourages word-of-mouth referrals. Combining tools like advanced analytics, AI and automation ultimately help you achieve five important things with your CX:

– Understand your customers, with insights from huge amounts of data

– Focus on the right touchpoints by identifying where you have the best potential to engage with your players

– Deliver tailored customer interactions based on individual player’s behaviour

– Offer the right content and communications at exactly the right time

– Engage every player in the way they prefer

Now the technology is available to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time and in the right way. It’s more specific and more effective. To top it off, you can do all that while sounding human and like you’re talking to them one-on-one.

Caroline Olsson

Digital Marketing Specialist