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Make your business even more competitive by integrating Wiraya. We’ve helped our customers generate millions in increased CLV for almost a decade with our activation technology that integrates through a simple API.

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Technology – Enhance your current proposition with state-of-the-art communication technology that optimises over time

Customer Journey – Enable your customers to communicate more effectively across their entire customer journey, by optimising the most effective timing, channel and message.

Easy integration – A few simple API-calls is all that is needed to be fully integrated with Wiraya

"Wiraya has an out-of-the-box API integration with Optimove. Brands leveraging this integration can deliver hyper-personalized customer communications through Wiraya, as part of their multichannel relationship marketing strategy, orchestrated by Optimove. This integration empowers brands to engage with more customers and build stronger customer relationships resulting in lower churn, higher conversion, and maximum customer lifetime value."

Varda Tirosh Chief Customer Officer


Integrate with your tech stack

You probably already have several applications in your marketing tech stack, therefore we have made Wiraya dead simple to integrate with. Whether it’s CRM, Marketing Automation, or a data lake, Wiraya is designed to be a part of your current ecosystem.

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