Success story: How Volkswagen Group increases service bookings with personalised interactions

By using Wiraya we got an increased conversion rate compared to traditional ways of communicating with our customers. We are happy to have found an efficient, automated way to inspire action from our customers, as well an efficient way to lead customers through our digital initiatives. Wiraya has also proven to be very proactive in providing campaign follow ups, optimisations and creative input. That save us both time and resources and we have also found new areas where we can use Wiraya in the customer lifecycle.

Nils Simonsson,
Marketing Manager




Increasing service bookings with personalised interactions

Volkswagen Group wants to help their customers to look after their car. And being able to book the car for a service quickly and smoothly makes the whole process even more straightforward. But the big challenge for Volkswagen Group was to get their customers’ attention and inform them about their new online booking before the customer chooses a service somewhere else. On top of that, it has become increasingly difficult to reach customers, and emails and postal mailings were simply not enough.

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