Success story:
How Vattenfall stands out from the crowd with pre-recorded welcome calls to their new small business customers

Vattenfall Small Business elevates their customer experience by focusing on the early stages of the customer lifecycle.

Vattenfall is utilising the high reach & engagement capability of the Wiraya platform throughout several critical moments of the customer lifecycle. Looking at the first 100 days of the customer relationship, it is well-known that this period is critical in building customer loyalty and setting the tone for the future relationship. 

With a focus on newly acquired small business customers, Vattenfall decided to personalise their approach by using pre-recorded welcome calls to ensure customers feel seen and appreciated at the early stages of the customer lifecycle. 


“With Wiraya, we have been able to improve the start of the relationship with our customers. Welcome calls are a great way to show our customers that we are there for them and Wiraya’s platform has proven very valuable in our aim to improve the customer experience.”


Per Kristensen,
Senior Marketing Strategist & PO Small Enterprises segment



the purpose & solution

Establishing a strong foundation for a lasting relationship

The welcome process sets the tone for the relationship with a new customer. Although Vattenfall small business already established a strong communication strategy with their customers, their ambition was to take it to the next level, getting through to new customers in a personalised and engaging way.

Vattenfall decided on a proactive and automatic approach in establishing a positive start of the relationship with their new customers. Wiraya helped out by setting up the communication flow from start to finish, including copywriting, studio recording with a professional voice actor, writing an SMS copy and configuring the flow on the Wiraya Cloud platform. 

The overarching goal with the welcome flow was to make new small business customers feel seen and appreciated without being too intrusive. The call flow allowed Vattenfall to welcome new customers and provide customers with up-to-date information regarding their account.


the Results

We are very happy with our welcome call strategy and the KPIs look great. With 88% of customers listening to the majority of the call and 22% of customers taking action, it shows that this is an important moment for the customer. With this communication, we have set ourselves up for establishing a strong foundation with our customers.”

  • REACH: 100%


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