Martech report 2023

Success within Martech – the importance of all four dimensions

The European Martech Report 2023, now in its sixth year, is a comprehensive study based on over 2200+ interviews with Martech professionals across 10 European markets. The report delves into the challenges, barriers, and opportunities within the Martech field and was crafted in collaboration with a Swedish-based Martech advisory board comprised of industry experts.

The report aims to guide readers in developing various aspects of Martech, including people, processes, technology, and data. It also highlights insights from thought leaders and companies, shedding light on their Martech strategies, priorities, and learnings.

Key insights from the report:

  1. Success within Martech – The Importance of All Four Dimensions
  2. Doing Martech Right – Keys to Success
  3. Significant Disparities in Self-Rating Across Different Markets
  4. Developments Compared to Previous Reports
  5. Widespread Lack of Martech Competence Across All Markets
  6. Despite the Hype, 1 out of 3 Struggle to Find the Value of AI