Martech Report 2022

Is the Martech hype over?

We are excited to announce the European Martech report, which has been developed for the fifth year in a row by SWEDMA, CMO goes TECH, Wiraya and Odyssey.

In the report; sales, marketing, tech and CRM managers were asked to provide their input in terms of what challenges, priorities, and learnings they’ve encountered in order to develop their Martech strategy. The report can be read in English, and contains both advice and inspiration on what to develop further within the different perspectives: people, process, technology & data. You can also find some great cases and inspiration from companies like Max Burgers, Stadium, Swedbank and ATG.

We want to inspire you by showing how other companies are working with Martech and which priorities and learnings they have gotten from this. Here are the key take aways from the report:

1.  Is the Martech hype over?
2.  High raters have invested in all four Martech dimensions
3.  Low raters are lacking both competence and time
4.  Sweden is falling behind – time to speed up the implementation

We hope you get some great insights and takeaways!

Click here to read the Martech Report 2022


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