How to maintain long-lasting relationships when communicating with players

Interview with Jenny Ramstedt, Account Manager at Wiraya

When looking at the dynamic of the iGaming industry, the way operators communicate and interact with players can easily dictate the future of a player’s journey with the brand. Increasing player retention and activating that player to put down that first deposit is largely in part due to the strategies operators have in place to create a personalised and memorable interaction. However, what happens when a player decides to leave a brand? And how can operators win them back? We sat down with Jenny to discuss and observe how communication is changing within iGaming and how operators can reactivate lapsed players!


What should brands think about in their communication to ensure a strong customer experience?

Every human relationship is built on communication. When you offer a service online, you rarely meet your customers face to face. Their experience is what you offer them online, and if they would reach out to you, it is likely due to the fact that they have an issue. You can’t expect your product or service to speak for itself, you have to create that voice and engagement. As long as your communication is relevant, you should reach out to your customers.

However it is a two-way relationship – do not just reach out to the customer when you want something from them, or when you have an offer for them. Look at your products and think thoroughly about your communication points. I always follow the rule of thumb and ask myself a set of questions, what do you want your customers to know, to feel and to do. 


How can operators maintain their relationship with players while circumstances are fast-changing and evolving?

If you are introducing change in your products or service, you need to guide your customers to understand why the change is happening, how it affects them, and what they need to do in the most simple manner. This is your responsibility and it’s the core for a long-lasting relationship. Make sure that you do not leave customers behind. There is also the other side, the need to keep up with what is happening in the market, and you need to let your customers know about improvements to product portfolio and services.


“The wrong approach is to reach out to the customer because you need something from them, but the right approach is showing what you will do for them.”


You mentioned the importance of not leaving customers behind. What is important for brands to think about when trying to win-back dormant players?

The dream for many operators is to reach out and get back the relationship with the customers they lost over the years. My advice is to not think about why you missed the customer, but think about the situation the customer is in. Did the customer leave to go somewhere else? Did they have a bad experience and forget about you? Or did they change their habits?

The wrong approach is to reach out to the customer because you need something from them, but the right approach is showing what you will do for them. If you have a strong brand, we can help to create a personalised message that will ultimately engage with the customer and guide them back to your brand. It may sound simple, but there is a lot behind how to properly communicate with a dormant player that could make or break their future experience with you. All the love and attention that goes into player acquisition should also be put into welcoming back a lost player.


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Natalie Kolmogorova