6 success factors to win back players trust

Critical success factors to differentiate your brand and win players

Great CX signals to your customers that you care about their privacy, that you care about what they want and that you’re willing to go the extra mile to deliver it. That turns one-off customers into loyal supporters, and maybe even brand ambassadors.

Most successful brands don’t just create a slick user experience and leave it there – they’re serious about continuous brand-building based on emotional responses to great experiences. You can see this in the most successful brands in all kinds of industries. It’s why Spotify spends millions on AI to create bespoke playlists for every subscriber; it’s why the telcos and utilities (that once saw customers as a captive market) are falling over themselves to deliver a better customer experience than their competitors. And its why Amazon famously leaves one chair empty at every meeting to represent the customer – a visual reminder that CX always comes first.

In an industry like iGaming, where few can compete on product features (and nobody wants a race to the bottom on price), CX is becoming the prime way to differentiate your brand and win players.

We have identified six critical success factors to win back your players trust.

1) Lead from the front

For CX to get off the ground and deliver long-term benefits, top management needs to be prepared to implement the changes needed, not just talk about them. Many brands talk about the value of CX but the results only happen if you make CX a reality in day-to-day operations, rather than just a line on a mission statement.

2) Put people first

Build a customer-centric culture and continually examine your strategy to make sure CX remains at the heart of everything you do. Customer behaviours change, new market trends appear and new regulatory challenges emerge that require constant focus to ensure what you’re doing is still the best option.

3) Make an emotional connection

For your brand to be important to your players, they need to feel like they’re important to you. Get rid of the old mass messaging and build intelligence into your systems that allows you to target the right players with the right offers, at times they want to engage. Not only will they like it more, but your engagement rates will likely skyrocket.

4) Integrate and automate

Building your entire Marketing Technology stack around customers will take some time to set up, but digital tools and automation will cut the work in the long-term. Put the customer first and get the tools you need to support them across the entire customer journey (not just when trying to get them to sign up). This level of integration is often easier said than done, so start thinking about the future now.

5) Think long-term

While you may have some immediate business goals for your CX improvements, it should always be a long-term strategy. Changes aren’t going to affect your bottom line overnight. But when word starts spreading, and customers start engaging more with you, you’ll begin to notice a difference.

6) Be sustainable

To build sustainable customer relationships, you need to balance your long-term goals with your short-term goals. It’s why it’s so important to encourage customers to gamble responsibly with things like deposit limits and loss limits.

As Per Norman, winner of Europe’s best CEO in the sustainable gaming industry, put it:

“Green Gaming is not about giving us a good feeling, it is also crucial for our business. Like every consumer company we want our customers to be loyal and return to us. Through Green Gaming, we build consumer confidence which is important in order to create long-term customer relationships.”

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Caroline Olsson

Digital Marketing Specialist