4 powerful strategies to inspire your customers to download your app

Using traditional marketing strategies to accelerate app download is proving to be more and more difficult in today’s day and age. Considering the bombardment of messages customers receive from mass communication, not only is it challenging to convince customers to take the action and download your app, but more importantly, getting the right individuals to download the app is even more crucial than getting just any person downloading the app. Mass communication with customers can often blur the company’s message and ultimately result in lower app download conversation rates. Needless to say, it is ever more important to employ strategic steps within customer communication to ensure your organisation has a powerful strategy to encourage the correct customers to download your app!  


1. Update and modernise your marketing strategy with new technologies

If you’re trying to get your customer’s attention, incorporating innovative strategies can help you attract customers to download your app. Stand out from the crowd by implementing a unique approach rather than simply sending out a generic email. The way you communicate your message to your customers can easily reflect the success of the app. If your communication is weak, your customers may think your app also lacks technological development. Although it may take much to independently implement a marketing strategy for your app that incorporates modern technology, the Wiraya communication platform can help ease that pressure.

2. Set reward incentives for customers

Nowadays, customers are expecting more and more in return for their investment and loyalty with a brand. By appreciating your customers with a reward, this incentive can encourage your customers to download your app. Motivation can often stem from receiving some type of reward, and not only can this help boost app downloads, but it can also help set the tone of your relationship with your customer. This can create a pleasant experience for your customer, and in the long-run, boost more engagement from your customers with your app.

3. Push your brand’s unique selling point in a clear, concise and straightforward way

Customers on average only pay attention to the first 5 seconds of a message, and either accept the information or reject it and move on. Therefore it is critical that your brand doesn’t beat around the bush. Getting your customer to take action and download the app requires that you successfully clarify what benefits it brings to the customer. Does it make it easier for the customer to access account info, is it more efficient for the customer to use the app to pay invoices – all of these are main selling points that should be addressed in the marketing strategy in a straightforward and compelling manner. 

4. Personalise your communication

In the ‘Dark Ages’, personalised communication was not relevant to customers as there was no available data that could drive the marketing strategy of the company. Nowadays, personalised customer communication is more important than ever, with 71% of customers finding it frustrating when marketing communication is not personalised (According to Experian’s research on personalisation). Therefore, craft your communication to make it relevant to that specific individual so that they truly understand your message and why it’s relevant for them to download your app. Personalisation involves identifying your target audience and understanding what gets them going. Your customer will feel valued and unique and with personalisation, you are one step closer to getting your customer to download your app.

Businesses can get tremendous value from app downloads, however the challenge of getting there is not impossible. Looking for methods to encourage mobile app downloads? Sign up for a demo with our team and find out how!

Natalie Kolmogorova